• Have you ever played a wind or string instrument?

    Do you love to sing?

    If so, do we have an ensemble for you!

    We're amateur musicians who get together to make music and have FUN!

    Photo Credit: ​Ron Goodlin

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    "I picked up my violin and started playing again. It was exactly what I had been missing for 42 years!" 
    Janet Matthews, Strings

    "I just love being in a band again way more than when I was a kid and practice because I want to!" 
    Rosemary Katz, Concert Band

    "I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing again. Thank you for the music, for giving it back to me!" 
    Kerry Black, Singers

  • "What a delightful evening of song, music and laughter. Resa's Pieces' love of music and enjoyment is infectious. I'm thinking perhaps it's time to stop being an audience member and start joining in the fun."  Shari Cohen

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  • "Joining Resa’s Pieces Strings was a real treat for me...after a hiatus of 43 years!" Diane Sidenberg ~Violin, Strings

    "After 30 years in the wilderness, I have been warmly welcomed into the open arms of the Resa’s Pieces family." David Marcus  ~French Horn, Concert Band

    "Why sing? For me, it’s just plain fun and awakens my passion for music." Erica Walker ~Alto, Singers